Maintain Your Manufacturer Warranty

Most manufacturers provide a 5-10 year part warranty on all equipment. If your unit was installed during this time frame, it is important to keep up with maintenance in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty.  If maintenance isn't completed regularly, the manufactuer may deny your request when filing a warranty claim. 

Maintain Your Home Warranty

Have a home warranty? Air conditioning and heating repairs are some of the most denied repairs thru Home Warranty providers. If your system is not maintained properly, the home warranty company will likely deny any claims made to repair the unit. We can work with your warranty company to have repairs covered and save you some money by beating their vendors pricing. For details, contact our office. 

Clean Air Filters

The #1 reason we are called out for emergency service is because the system is not maintained properly and the filters are dirty. We ensure that filters are clean, media filters are changed and can help customers with creating a schedule to keep the system working efficently by changing filters regularly. 

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Cracked heat exchanges can be deadly to you and your family. Cabon monoxide, a colorless, ordorless gas could be leaking into your home if the unit has not been inspected to ensure the heat exchanger is in good condition.  

Cleaning Condenser Coils is Easy Peasy!

Cleaning your condenser coils is an easy way to help your system work smarter, not harder. By cleaning the outside coils occasionally between inspections by us, your system will preform more efficiently. Make sure you turn the power off to the unit before you try to clean the fins. Simply spray the unit with the water hose and youre done!

Watch your Pocket

 54% of a typical home’s energy costs can be traced back to the heating and cooling systems. Maintaining a clean and healthy system will help to keep your utilities costs down.