our approach to the COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS

At Texan Mechanical AC & Heating, we aim to bring comfort to homes and businesses across Houston and surrounding area. That’s true, no matter the circumstances.

The health, safety, and peace of mind of our clients and our employees is our top priority. Our team is here for you during this difficult and uneasy time to keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable. 

We are taking extreme precautions to ensure the well-being of our customers and our team.


Health is our priority. If a technician notices any signs of illness, they will be instructed to stay home and self-quarantine. 


If you or someone in your home has traveled domestically or internationally in the last 2 weeks, please notify our office when making your appointment. 


Our team is carrying disinfectant and using it regularly and as needed. 


Our techs have been instructed to wash their hands before and after each appointment. In addition, we have asked that they wear gloves when acceptable while inside our customers homes and businesses. 


Our technicians will avoid handshakes, and maintain a safe distance during their visit. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointments or the safety measures we are taking, please don’t hesitate to call: 832-437-6019.

Mike Wallman, Owner

Texan Mechanical AC & Heating





One of the big questions about coronavirus — especially from an HVAC perspective — is how significant of a role airborne transmission plays in its spread. The current consensus is that it's predominantly large droplet transfer. This means droplets too large to remain airborne that are spread through coughing and sneezing within a fairly close range of other people. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts this range at about six feet.

There is also the potential for airborne transmission if viruses that are viable are in those droplets that you're producing, some of them will be small enough that they will stay airborne for a long time. So, it's not impossible that infectious particles in the air could stay aloft long enough to be collected, say at the return grille of an HVAC system, go through a duct, and infect someone in a different space


The recently reaffirmed ASHRAE position document on airborne infectious diseases identifiesdemonstrated methods of controlling airborne infection that have proof of efficacy: ventilation, particle filtration, and UV.


Filters are critical during this pandemic. Changing your filters regularly and upgrading your system to include HEPA and Media Filters are the best way to help prevent the spread of airbourne transmission, but catching the majority of particles before circulating them thru your HVAC System. The filters protect your home from airbourne transmission of the virus. 


In duct, whole home Ultra Violet filtration systems, like the Air Scrubber Plus and REME HALO, are proven to complement standard filtration systems. These ultraviolet disinfection and airstream UV disinfection are effective at inactivating pathogen. UV germicidal systems have also been shown to reduce microbial load and pathogens that are found within the HVAC system and drain pan that would otherwise be introduced and distributed throughout the envelope of the building. The UV Filtration system not only protects your home from the airbourne aspect of the virus, but the surface aspect as well. It acts as a sanitizer for your entire home as long as the fan is running on your HVAC system. 

Visit the Indoor Air Quality tab for more information about Filtration and UV Air Purifiers